With all the recent rain theres plenty of fresh water about so I thought itd be prime time and … On the Stockton side of the Bridge there is a sandy beach area to fish from. I am going to start chasing for Jews around Stockton breakwall, I know it’s winter but what is the best time of year for them and are they around now? Stockton Beach, on the Tasman Sea, starts on the northern side of the break wall that protects the entrance to Newcastle harbour in Stockton, Newcastle's northernmost suburb, and … While on the Kooragang Island side of the bridge it's mostly fishing from a rocky shoreline. Pelican - … Picked up my old trolley and hit Stocko … The ponds upriver from Stockton Bridge are fishing insanely well, with great size flathead, … The Stockton Breakwater (or Breakwall) is a modern manifestation of this fundamental human need to create some kind of remembrance through a series of memorials that have been installed all along the Breakwater, by the local Stockton … POLICE will investigate whether Monday’s foggy conditions contributed to a fishing trawler slamming into the Stockton breakwall before coming to rest off the beach. Geography. What Location along the wall is best to fish … The first method involves moving along … Huge schools of hammerhead sharks turn up and it’s not … I went back to NSW a few weeks ago to visit family and of course I went for a fish at a couple of my old favourite spots. I employ two different methods when fishing my local breakwall for bream. The most successful method I find whilst fishing the Nelson Bay Breakwall for bream; Method; 1/0 suicide style hook and small running ball sinker. In many ways, they contradict each other but they seem to work regardless. Stockton in general - If you walk South along the coast (between Breakwall and Ferry) it is alot quieter than the breakwall area, but I have gotten a few biggish Flathead and Bream. However both sides make great fishing on outgoing tides. Sign in Sign up for FREE Prices and download plans Gday Raiders, I went to Stockton breakwall today with the Mrs and the young bloke to chase jew. Prices and download plans . The running sinker offers little to no resistance to the … A spokesman said the 48-year-old skipper was sailing the vessel back into Newcastle Harbour after a night outside fishing … Any jewie fisho who haunts Stockton breakwall or the Hunter River in Newcastle long enough usually encounters sharks, especially this month. The fishing. So we will start in Newcastle Harbour with the little breakwall at Horseshoe Beach, which has been on fire. Gday all, Long time no post for me. When the tide has just turned from incoming to outgoing is a great time for fishing.
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